Welcome, and you will be informed about the latest mn post board jobs positions. On this page you will be given all the details of duluth police departments on which you can not only apply but also be eligible to apply for more permanent mn post board jobs. You have come to the right place to apply for the latest jobs in MN Post (Minnesota). If you belong to United States of America or you belong to MN (Minnesota) state then you are eligible for these jobs. Which recently announced by Minnesota State Police Officer Latest MN Jobs. The City of Winnebago will be accepting applications for these jobs. The Post Board MN will also accept applications for these jobs if you are from the state of Minnesota. MN Post Board Jobs Minnesota, Police Officer Vacancies.

Post Board MN (Police Officers Jobs - Full Time / Part Time):

Winnebago City Public Safety (Winnebago MN)

The City of Winnebago will be ready to receive these applications shortly after which you can apply if you qualify. If you want to apply online, then the link of the website will be given below, with the help of which you can apply online. These applications are for Police Officer full time and part time jobs. If you apply for these jobs and get selected, that's great. On this MN Post Board if you want to pay over duty then these facilities are also available. Post Board MN jobs require one police officer for police officer full time and several police officers for part time.

Minimum Qualification for MN Post Board (Police Officer Jobs):

Winnebago City Public Safety (Winnebago MN)

  • Must be MN Post Board licensed or eligible to obtain a license
  • Possession of driving license is also mandatory
  • CPR or Emergency Medical Responder certification is also required
  • The candidate is not involved in crime

Salary for Full Time MN Post Board Jobs (Police Officer):

Winnebago City Public Safety (Winnebago MN)

    There are best packages for Police Officer Full Time Position which will be mentioned in this paragraph. You will get salary on per union contract basis. For a full time position you will get 23$/hour and after the government raises the salaries for civil servants you will get 28$/hour for a full time police officer. The government has announced a 3% salary hike for government and semi-government employees in 2023. You should apply for the latest Post Board MN Jobs. It's time to learn about Post Board MN to become a police officer.

    Salary for Part Time MN Post Board Jobs (Police Officer):

    Winnebago City Public Safety (Winnebago MN)

      A non-union job at a part-time police officer position. In this part-time job, you will be given a lower salary than the full-time job, so first you should apply for the full-time job of police officer. Initially you will be paid 19$/hour per day. This is a part time job and in case of emergency you may be called for duty.

      Duty Hours for MN Post Board (Police Officer Jobs):

      Winnebago City Public Safety (Winnebago MN)

      But in these jobs you have to work maximum 11.5 hours on daily basis. You can also be recalled if there is an emergency. You will be billed $4.50/hour for recalls. The government has announced a 3% salary hike if it is discussed in 2023. So you will be paid 5$/hour on recall.

      Online Apply MN POST Board Jobs:

      Winnebago City Public Safety (Winnebago MN)

      To Online Apply Click Here

      Offline Apply Post Board MN Jobs:

      Winnebago City Public Safety (Winnebago MN)

      To apply offline, send or mail the complete application to the address given below

      Chief Eric Olson at 140 Main Street South, Winnebago, MN 56098 or eolson@cityofwinnebago.com.

      Feel Free To Contact Us:

      ​Winnebago Public Safety - Winnebago, MN

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